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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A glimpse inside

Who am I? When you look in the mirror and unzip who do you see? Sometimes I like to think you see a little of whom you were, a little of who you are becoming and a little of whom you try to be. As a female I think unzipping is complicated.

We are constantly thinking which means before we even stand in front of the mirror we are worrying about something. May it be our flaws, our child’s coat we forgot to send, our brothers cousins best friend whom we have been dwelling on since last night…since we are most sanely convinced he wasn’t too in love with the tone in our voice when we said hello 2 weeks ago. Which reminds us that we have to bake cookies for his wife’s daughters fundraiser next Saturday, which makes us think about that work out tape we have been wanting to start…mussst kick these last 10 (okay we all know it’s 30) ever fluctuating awful pounds, so that we can JUST suck in and button those jeans we wore a decade ago that won’t be back in style for at least 20 more years, oh and of course this reminds us of that silly costume party we have to find an excuse to get out of since we have recently decided to go to our other friends baby’s birthday that somebody still hasn't gotten a gift for. DING. What’s that sound? Oh well, of course it’s the oven telling you the casserole is done and it’s time to serve dinner. Don’t forget to let the dog out before he poo’s on the rug you just took to the cleaner where you smiled at a handsome Spanish man that you feel guilty for now… which lead you to that chocolate guilt brownie you still have to clean off of your new blouse yuh shouldn’t of bought in the first place, that you are going to re wear ….and not re wash… for date night, tomorrow.

This is real life and it’s hard to find time to be quiet and remember who you are. To remember who your maker is, that knows exactly every thought in your brain, every hair on your head…and yes even that wild hair on your chin you pluck on Tuesdays. It’s time we love our self’s as much as our creator loves us. We need to unzip and set the world aside and work on us from time to time. Just like with a good hair do our souls need a little trip to the salon sometimes too. It makes us better for ourselves. You are important enough.

Be quiet for 10 minutes today. Pray for another 10. See how the rest of the day falls into place after this.

This weekend was busy. My weekend started by a parade of 1st graders and their costumes... then for lunch I surprised my daughter with a treat bag and kids meal at her school. Then I rushed to a different town where I got to go to my son’s first Halloween party. Friday just made me a proud momma. On Saturday we attended an event to support the Down Syndrome Connection of Northwest Arkansas at the Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome Awareness. Great cause to donate to. Saturday evening we watched our friend’s kids, ate a roast and watched movies. Then we ended this fabulous weekend by celebrating trunk or treat with our church family (Abundant Life Church of NWA) and hosted a go-kart station for the kids to get can’t candy.

In theme of my inspirational speech above I’d like to share some pictures of our real life busy weekend we juggled. I found myself eating my way through an extra 5 pounds of my children’s crack candy. You’d think with their wild intake of sugar and the walking I got in this weekend I’d be able to fit in my fat pants at least by today… wrong. Momma is sporting pajama pants this week. Pajama pants and a broken pumpkin bucket still full of all my favorite mini candy bars. Intervention later to come. Stay tuned. ;)


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