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Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby steps

There is no way I can tell you all about this fabulous child that changed my life without telling you about the other. Cooper was born on July 9th, 2007. Weighing in at 7 pound 9 ounces.

When we went in to find out what the sex of our baby was they had said it was a girl, to my surprise. See since I had had a dream he was a boy I was pretty mind set they were wrong and needed to stick that cold camera right back on my rounded belly and look again. I made the sonogram lady re check, cried a little and moments later she came back with those beautiful words, that he was after all a boy. My husband thought I persuaded the tech a little much and we should hold off on buying boy clothes. That didn’t stop me much. His closet was soon full of everything boy within the week. A momma just knows.

Sure enough he was a boy. I remember before he was born imagining him to look just like Madison for some reason. Madison was still bald at the time of her brother’s birth but Cooper came out with enough hair for the both of them. I was in love instantly…and relieved. He was caught in my ribs and it took 3 men pushing down on my body to get him out and after they finally pulled him out there was no cry. I in panic kept repeating why isn’t he crying, why isn’t he crying…what is wrong. The room was silent for it seemed like a billion minutes and then the most amazing sound in the world came out of that brown headed beautiful child, his first cry. What a relief.  He too was a healthy, perfect child. Our blessing number two.

Cooper is all boy. He loves sports, skateboarding and being outside. He’s a bit of a clown when he wants to be. At home he is always dancing and singing. He scares me to death since 90 percent of the time he is up to something. I don’t think there is one thing he is afraid of. This year he started pre-k. I am learning what free time is like again.  I couldn’t imagine life without him. He will forever be my baby…even if he is a daddy’s boy a little too much.  

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