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Thursday, November 10, 2011

What Makes You Unique?

Art is like your first love that you'll seem to always know.

 Though a thousand miles may part, you'll still feel him in your soul.

 It's the love that seems to bind you. And the beauty that won’t let go.

Shining through a passion of words you'll always know.

Art is like a melody that stops you in your feet, that without even an ounce of recognition has you dancing to it's great beat.

 The beat of love, the beat of home, the beat of something that is never grown.

 For art is always blooming and love is oh so rare. So any chance you may get always chose you there.

 Because if where you will be is where you’ve been here is that moment that can take you beyond the wind.

Lean into your existence, embrace it with passion and grace.

And never remember a moment and excuse it with a waist.

Hey, Readers. Last night my Pastor asked a question. He asked, “What is the thing about you that makes you unique?” As no one answered I thought to myself, I wonder why? Is it because of insecurity’s and fears? Fear that their uniqueness, if said out loud is one that no one else will agree with… is it because our minds automatically can think of something negative instead of positive….or is it because of lack of confidence to be the first to speak up in a group of people. Whatever each persons reason, no one gave an answer. My pastor then went around the room and said a couple of answers he sees in them, himself.

I didn’t answer because I honestly couldn’t think of something I was good at in the split 30 seconds of silence. So today I have decided to take time to praise God for the uniqueness in me that has created. To recognize the beauty in myself. If I would have answered my Pastor’s question last night I would have said this…..

I can set down in 5 minutes and write a poem. I love to mother and am good at it. I have an eye for photography and art. He has given me the gift of writing, as well. When I write it’s like I hear what he has for me to say.  My heart aches for the poor, and for the wounded. I love to give and to be a part of helping others. I love music and to sing. I’m great with giving words of encouragement and knowing when they are needed. I am good at being a friend.

 These are the main things that came to mind when I thought about what make me who I am….. what makes me unique.

God created us. He loves us like we love our children. We are his works of art. Embrace that! Love yourself as much as he loves you. Dwell on his good in you and you can shine with all the brightness he has given. Take time today to recognize your uniqueness and praise him for every single ounce of it.    

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